Let’s get together on this…

Given the almost definite adoption by BSA of removing the restriction of participation by homosexuals in the organization our Troop has decided to leave the program when this happens.  But we are like family and we are determined to proceed growing our boys in leadership, learning skills and having fun without BSA.  However, I’m interested in forming an alternate national organization similar in structure and programming to BSA with values like AHG (our sister group) that are based in churches to move our guys into as soon as possible.  Something where we honor everything  they have done in BSA and the interim period so they can keep working on their own or with their current Troop, keep records and proof and receive as soon as we can get it together.  If you’re interested in this please comment and follow this blog.  It is a huge undertaking and will require lots of money and paperwork but I’m not about to let our boys down.  I will put the 20 hours a week or more that I spend currently working on our three BSA units working to get a national alternate up and running asap.   If we can announce that we are putting this in place for them, we just need some time to get official, etc. perhaps we won’t lose them completely.  If we wait two years to announce it they will be gone and into other things.  We must get high level support from established Christian organizations and Christian corporate sponsorship. This is a huge undertaking but I believe we can do it.

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